How it Works

Choose a diet plan

Choose from our variety of deliciously healthy diet plans at affordable prices. Simply pick a diet plan that suits your health goals. You'll get weekly a box of ingredients right to your door.

Recipes at your fingertips

In your ingredient box you'll find easy-to-prepare recipes crafted by our expert chefs to delight your taste-buds. No more agonizing over what to eat.

Receive your ingredients

We are committed to providing quality produce from suppliers we trust. Enjoy the best seasonal ingredients at their peak flavor. Ingredients are pre–measured so there is less hassle and less waste.

Eating Healthy Should Not Be Boring.

Dilivas box gives you easy access to healthy diet plans and ingredients to meet your health goals. We deliver to you neatly customized boxes of ingredients tailored to match corresponding recipes prepared by our dieticians and chefs.

What's inside a Dilivas Box

  • Easy-to-follow recipes with clear nutritional info.
  • High-quality ingredients sourced straight from the farm.
  • Pre–measured ingredients so there is less hassle and less waste.
  • A fun cooking experience that makes you feel unstoppable.

Choose a Diet Plan

Our Philosophy


Our Ingredients are sourced from small holder farmers to ensure their freshness and quality


We source organic ingredients wherever possible – they taste better and they’re so much better for you.


Our produce is sourced with the seasons and environment in mind to ensure that sustainability standards are adhered to.